Liz Davinci was born and raised in California and is currently based in Munich, Germany.  Her evocative vocal style has been called "haunting and beautiful" and is often compared to Kate Bush.  Liz is classically trained on the piano.


Liz's first album, "Obstruction Destruction", was released in 2017 and in each subsequent album Liz has gone deeper into her imagination and intuition to conjure unique and expressive songs. Music is Liz's first and foremost way of communicating.  


Following her first album, Liz released the southern California concept album "Pax Victoria", followed by "QRASS" as well as an album of unreleased music and demos.  She took a side road and collaborated with The X-Friends for their 2023 release "Afterlight" and released her solo album, "Fata Morgana" in April of 2023. 


Liz continues to work prolifically and passionately on both music and videos and keeps on digging to find the areas within she has been hiding from herself, transforming them into songs on a road of self-exploration and conversation with the world.