Liz Davinci was born and raised in California and currently lives in Munich, Germany. Her energetic and dynamic songs, honest voice and soft lyrical touch culminate to achieve an intimacy in her music.  Her voice has been called "haunting and beautiful".  



Her first album, "Obstruction Destruction", was released in 2017, followed closely by the release of an EP entitled "EEEEP", which ventured into areas of electronic experimentation and utilized broader arrangements of instruments, including keyboards, drums, piano and vibraphone. 



In 2018 Liz released a series of singles followed by her most professionally produced and musically daring release yet, the EP "Contraband", which was released in May of 2019.  She is currently working on a second album, "Pax Victoria", which is a concept album due to release in 2021.



Liz is classically trained on the piano and studied classical/experimental composition as well.  As a child she was exposed to many hours of listening to records by artists such as The Doors, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and sang and heard countless American folk songs.  All of these influences form ingredients, large or small, in her songwriting.  



She tries to preserve improvisation in her songs as much as possible and balance intuitive musical ideas with musical skills in refinement to get ideas represented in the songs across to the audience in a moving and meaningful way.



For Liz, songwriting is a necessity, an expression and an attempt to evoke affinity in listeners.