Fata Morgana Info

1.  „Pain Reliever“ – This was one of the first songs I wrote for the album and the final version is the demo, as was the case with every song on the album.  I experimented a bit with form here.  The song is stripped down – completely solo with no vocal doublings or other instruments added later.  It represented the essence of what I wanted „Fata Morgana“ to become.  


2.  „Mirage“ – I used a more simplified chord progression than usual for this song.  I wanted the instrumental section to be over-the-top pianistically.


3., 6., 10.  „One Silver Dollar“, „I’m Through With Love“ & „After You Get What You Want You Don’t Want It“ – These three songs were sung by Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s and I wanted to grace the album with these moods as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe and because I felt the atmospheres complimented my own songs and provided contrast.


4.  „Cherry July“ – I decided to write a song about Los Angeles and the surrounding area and I wrote the lyrics directly and recorded the song shortly after.


5.  „Another Lollipop“ – I got very inspired after I had decided the album was finished and wrote these lyrics quickly and recorded the song the next day, deciding it needed to go on the album.


7.  „Purple Jesters“ – This was one of the first songs I wrote for the album and it’s partially about how music can be healing and powerful.


8.  „Interlude – March 24“ – I kept writing spoken texts to create a track like this for the album but I kept throwing them away.  At the end I got inspired to make this text and I spoke it in and played some chords and notes under it, spontaneously deciding that this was the right message that had been trying to make its way out.


9.  „Fly on the Wall“ – I initially wrote this for a different project, not intending for it to be solo.  This song also takes place in Los Angeles.


11.  „Body Lines“ – This song was a passing thought that I created and recorded very quickly.  Later it occurred to me that many of the rhymes in the chorus are the same as I use in Purple Jesters, which is funny because those songs are two totally different animals.


12.  „Dixie Theatre“ – I wrote this song awhile ago for a different project.  I played with some unusual chord progressions here.  Vocally this song was also experimental for me and not without challenge.


13.  „End of the Sea“ – I wrote this song as a pre-planned form as a poetry exercise out of utter boredom and never intended for it to be a song, let alone be on this album.  It became one of my favourite songs on the album.


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