Unreleased 2020-2022 Info

17 Rhymes was the first song for Pax Victoria that Underhatchet and I worked on.  We worked on it for ages and very passionately, not knowing we would kick it off the album.  We both always liked the song.


The Twisting was a song I wrote for QRASS because I didn't initially want the album to end with Rollout.  It became clear to me that The Twisting did not fit on QRASS even though it is a fine song.


With the Freaks was written by both Underhatchet and I and it was basically a jam session.  It was intended to be the title song of the album which became QRASS.


While They Prey - I had such a strong idea for this song in general and I worked all day on it one day in July 2020, playing in the demo using the string sound on my keyboard to try to capture the idea before I forgot it.


Eat This - I got the idea for this song whilst driving and fumbled to find my phone and record it.  I sang it so out of tune that I was almost in a different key so I decided to compose it like that, as if I had meant to drop into the odd key change for the chorus.


The Aftermath - I wrote this song during the Pax Victoria period but I somehow knew it wouldn't be on the album.  I tried to develop it and changed some lyrics and sped it up, but this first version has always been my favourite and to me captures the mood and feeling I wanted.


Joni Blue Alternate Version - This was the initial concept but neither Underhatchet nor I could accept it as a final idea.  It's a good example of process though and shows how incredibly different a song can become in its development.


Steve Alternate Version - Very, very early on I had planned for the album now known as QRASS to be called Steve and to be based on my movie idea.  This was the version intended for the album.


Downfall Demo - This demo isn't all that different from the final version but it's stripped down.


Birds - I intended for this song to be on QRASS but it never really called out to me to develop it further than this demo.


I Can't Get Started - In my story about Victoria from Pax Victoria she sings this jazz standard so I made up my own lyrics and sang a version to perhaps put on the album and to feel the role of the character.


North Beach Demo - This is a really slow demo.


Over the Rainbow - This was a very early "demo" for a song that will be on the album we are working on now.  The song has changed a lot but I thought it was nice to share something recent and very raw.


High Rise - I had forgotten about this experiment because I never developed the song further.  I put it in this collection because it is so raw and it is a good example of process.

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