Reflection & Hope

I have been going through old songs and demos from 2016 till now, some of which I had totally forgotten about.  I will be releasing a handful from 2016-2019 and from 2020-2022 on YouTube.


It's been really fun to revisit the songs - especially the early ones - and to compare them with more recent songs.  When I hear an old demo, I remember exactly where I was when I wrote and sang it and I feel the general atmosphere of my life back then. 


I stand behind all my songs but I think I'm getting more comfortable in trusting my intuition now.  That makes writing even more fun because I write fearlessly, always keeping in mind that the song doesn't have to be published. For me songwriting is a serious game or puzzle.


A fourth album is in the works and the writers for the Pax Victoria album trailers, James Shaffer, K.A. Laity and Underhatchet, will be writing texts for it.  I will also write a text and I am letting the project unfold in real time with no planned structure.  I am not holding the reigns but rather reacting upon what I receive.  There is just a concept and that basic concept is hope through rebirth.


I'll tell you more about the next album soon but first I will finish preparing the batch of unreleased/demo/alternate versions from 2020-2022.  I see this group of songs as a sharing of process and I look forward to putting them on YouTube.

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    Tom (Thursday, 16 June 2022 18:22)

    I will definitely have a listen

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    jaykle (Friday, 17 June 2022 09:17)

    Sounds very interesting can't wait for them �� �