Solo EP

For the past couple years I have wanted to make a solo EP. I write a lot more songs than I publish and I enjoy the intimate expression of solo singing and playing. I don't like it more or less than creating songs with Underhatchet, but it is a part of my artistic expression that I don't want to be limited only to livestreams.


Three songs on this solo EP I am working on were written on September 1 of this year. One song was originally intended for the album but fit better in an intimate setting. I'll add a fifth song if one comes to existence.


I'm currently in the recording phase and I plan to keep this EP as pure and live as I can (ie. no vocal doublings added later, for example, and little or no splicing). If all goes as planned, the EP will release in November of 2021 and the album in 2022.


I have been enjoying the solitude and intimacy of writing and practicing these new songs, as well as the beginnings of recording them and I look forward to sharing this small collection with you.

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