July day 17

The weather won't stabilise, the summer won't come. It rains and rains and I keep going upstairs to write music and sing. And when the weather is nice, I go to the south, near the Alps, and I write lyrics sitting on the ground in the sun.


I could do a live stream - I am ready - but I haven't found the right moment for it. 


The movie is coming back into my life. I developed it a lot a few months ago, I took space from it and now it's time to try some filming. 


This new album took me over. I had no plans to make another album so quickly after Pax Victoria, but the whole flow and atmosphere of this new material is so different - more raw - and I feel I have to ride the wave or else the mood won't be right. It goes fast because I devote nearly all of my free time to it.


Four songs are finished, four are in the works and 8 have been kicked off. 


That's my life right now.


Now I'll reflect on the day, the light is gone, it's disappeared - all the grey, I drink a glass of wine and feel the happiness be be be, because when I am writing music I am so beautifully free free free

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