My New Project

Last summer I started thinking about making a short movie.  The idea was vague - the only thing in my head was a drive to express myself in the form of a movie.  Simple.


I realised that in some way in my concept album, "Pax Victoria", I had perhaps desired this kind of expression too, as it was a story with characters, music and a distinct mood.  


But for "Pax Victoria" I didn't have the bigger picture clear to me at the beginning.  I started it with only immature ideas (more than anything musical ideas) and watched it form into a sort of Gesamtkunstwerk all by itself.  Making a movie almost seems simple after having arduously constructed "Pax Victoria" video by video, song by song and chapter by chapter, though I know it will present different challenges. 


In January of this year the idea for my movie was born, along with the first song that will be on the soundtrack.  I have been writing out story developments, scribbling inspiring set ideas and developing the characters over the past couple months.  The story will aim to be more imaginative than psychological.


Much of the movie will be filmed in my attic.  This will be an independent, low-budget affair and will be a parallel project to my third album.  As it appears now, only a couple songs from the album will feature in the movie.


I have no idea how long it will take to make the movie.  It's almost the opposite of "Pax Victoria" in that the story and characters, as well as the idea and setting are quite clear in my mind, but I haven't actually done anything much physical yet.  


But that's about to change.  In the next couple of weeks I plan to completely design the main set and will start playing with lighting and camera angles.  I am organising and refining my notes and writing dialogue and narration.


Am I scared?  I know myself well enough to know that at some point in the process I will be, but when my inspiration is so strong, there is only one direction to take and that's...well, the ladder up to the attic, in this case.  

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    Rick Woods (Friday, 09 April 2021 19:54)

    Hi Liz
    That's a very cool idea , must be a great setup in your attic , looking forward to your creativity up there , Sometimes fear can be a tool of inspiration you can use , Best of luck with this project and all your other ones,, enjoy all your videos, writing & music
    Best Wishes
    Rick W
    ps have a story i wrote on an incident at my studio,, would love to see if you could read thru and see what you think sometime as I highly value your insight