Inspiration and Reflection

The past 6 months have been so crazy.  I have had a complete lifestyle change due to Covid-19, overwhelming inspiration for music and video, I practiced an array of what can only be described as bizarre vocal exercises and have created about 20 works in progress in the tiny time slots I had for art.


And now one of these works in progress is done and I have decided to release it this month.


"Joni Blue" is a song that will be on my 2nd album, which is scheduled for release in January of 2021, if all goes as planned.  The song has to do with Joni Mitchell's album "Blue", but I will let it speak for itself when it releases.


I had a whole timeline planned, with "Joni Blue" due to release in September, but I truly am excited to share this new music with you, so it will arrive sooner.  


There is a lot of experimentation in the new songs - all around - and really I am just trying to let the art guide me in this album.  This isn't something new for me but I have left so much time for this album that I can do this without any stress or interruption.  


So far the process of making my second album has been extremely fulfilling.  It has been a time to turn inwards, create, reflect on art and what it means to me, and has only confirmed to me why I feel the need to put music into the world.  I feel thankful that inspiration continues to come to me and I am channeling it into this album.

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