Leave it on the floor

These Corona days are weird and scary and the drama can be addictive.  It's important to keep up with news, to know the state of things.  But I've come to the conclusion that until it has entered my life directly, I've just got to leave it on the floor.


A lot.


It's like dirty laundry.


The huge Corona threat will come to an end and when it does I will be happy that during this tough time I was useful - that I put the drama on pause, created some art and basically just tried to keep the pieces of the puzzle together as much as possible.  


This is all assuming the best case scenario, but why not assume that?


That nagging feeling is always present, reminding me that there is dirty laundry on the floor right next to me.  That's healthy - I don't want to forget that we are in a state of emergency - that would be foolish.


My advice to myself is, "use this weird, scary time to do something constructive - something new."  Because in my experience, some of the most inspired things arise out of limitation or in the face of difficulty.


So, yeah, I've got a list of books I've been meaning to read, projects I'm working on and new workout methods that I can do politely in my own four walls.


How do you keep positive during these trying times?  What kinds of constructive things are on your mind?  Reading any cool books?

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