Making This Album

My second album is coming together really well.  Some of the songs had already been written in the past months, but the majority were written on cold, dark Christmas days in my unimpressive looking bedroom set-up.  Unheated, I sat upstairs in my winter jacket and scarf writing song after song.


It doesn't always progress like that.  Often either I don't have time to realise the songs or I end up throwing some overboard because they just aren't developing well.  Or I stall for awhile on writing the lyrics.


But this Christmas holiday was a magical musical experience.


In the quiet, dark nights, when I was alone with a glass of white wine I went to every new song and improvised lyrics, trying different things out, writing things down, erasing things.  I dove in.  And then I practiced the songs to get them demo-ready.

I'm so happy that things are rolling, but there is still a really long road ahead,  which I look forward to (even the final mixing...really, truly...but I warn you that I might complain about it when I'm there).  


I think it'll take about 6 more months before it is done but I have some very exciting projects lined-up - including a totally new type of collaboration, so you will be hearing from me all during the process. 

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