Said I Wanna: Background Info

With the release of the music video for "Said I Wanna" in sight, I decided to publish some background information about the song.



"Said I Wanna" is the oldest song of the EP "Contraband", composed and recorded nearly a year prior to its May 25, 2019 release.  It is about the idea of having a mind muddled with annoyance and frustration and needing to get perspective on it.  In the chorus, the text "28 stories high to simplify" refers to the idea of getting on top of a 28 story high building and therefore gaining more perspective physically and, in this case, gaining more perspective mentally as well.



Most of the video was filmed on location in San Diego, California in early 2019 but some bits and pieces were filmed here in Munich.  The music video came together very well, and it contains literal imagery relating to the text but  metaphoric and ironic interpretations of the song as well.



The song utilises an expressive element that sounds like electric guitar but is actually the Fender Rhodes run through a guitar pedal.  



The music video for "Said I Wanna" will release on June 29, 2019.





Said I wanna wanna, get up on it, on it

Face forgotten trauma, dissolve unwanted drama 

Said I wanna wanna, sit up right there on it,

And I’m even gonna, legs dangling down



Now you know me better, the wild illustrator, 

And I’ve found the navigator, former interrogator 

Location of the traitor, deception innovator, Situaton integrator, watching the sun going down



28 stories high to simplify,

These sideways ties loosened as we ride



Do you wanna haunt it, get up on it, own it?

Scrape the bottom bottom, now you’ve gone and blown it

Trying to unknot it, still he isn’t solid,

And I can’t help be bonded,

Watching your world explode



And it’s again forgotten, please tell me how you plot this,

But I remain undaunted and smile down beyond it

But it’s true I wanna move on past this constant replayed, repaid apology



28 stories high to simplify,

These sideways ties loosened,

Now you’re diving, diving, fetching your own prize



Do you feel unwanted, rejected, old and taunted?

But do you know you flaunted, every single thing forgotten?

And now I want it knotted or else just let it rot there, you can just leave it right there This place, this face can be embraced



28 stories high to simplify

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Comments: 4
  • #1

    Jaykle (Saturday, 29 June 2019 11:12)

    Nicely written Elizabeth, contraband is great and will revisit it again several times, all the best with the new video, I can't wait to watch it, and wish you continued success you deserve it.

  • #2

    lofthouse leo (Saturday, 29 June 2019 11:54)

    How cool Elizabeth!
    I just realised it is 29 June today , so i'll look out for it!
    All sounds very interesting!Best of luck with it! As Jaykle say's ,you deserve continued success!! �♌

  • #3

    Oxaï Roura (Saturday, 29 June 2019 11:56)

    Nice job again Elizabeth ! Very best wishes for the final steps concerning the future video ! I look forward to watch it... and I'm sure it will be great !

  • #4

    Tope. (Saturday, 29 June 2019 14:21)

    Sweet. I was just in SD! I’m excited to watch and see how you visualized your sound. Keep em comin.