Coffee and Rain

It's raining and it's 9am and I am so tired.  I want to make some magic but I can tell it won't come easy today.  The puzzle pieces on a new song have to fit together but the fog lingers in my mind.  Coffee.


I wander over to the piano and grab a piece of paper and a pencil.  I start playing and jotting down some notes - I am not going to wait for the ideas, I am going to hunt for them, corner them and write them down. 


If the ideas remain inside my mind floating from here to there, encountering doubt or criticism or insecurity, then I'm not making any progress at all.  I want to get these thoughts out, onto paper.  I want to look at them, read them, see them.


This interaction spurs development.  I don't have to use these ideas but this will get me closer to what I will use.  I don't have endless moments to create or become inspired - not at all.  In these few moments I have, sometimes I have to force things.


This process of just "doing" is perhaps brought on by frustration or lack of time, but is absolutely constructive for me and transforms abstract ideas into reality faster than if I wait for the "right" idea first to come to mind. 


Now it stopped raining but there is no sign of sun anywhere.  My mind is a little lighter, the piece of paper a little fuller and the coffee can is empty.  Later I will reflect on the morning's work and then I'll know what to do next.

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    Pep Staarrs (Thursday, 11 April 2019 09:38)

    It's good to go out when it rains and open your hands to fill them with water...

    ...after that, it's good to write a song.

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    Keith Strawkites (Thursday, 11 April 2019 12:07)

    I thing all creating of music is totally unpredictable all of a sudden the ideas can flow from know where for no reason sometimes prompted by an event a word a thought I'm working on a track and video called one of those rainy days I love rain and always wanted to create a track showing feelings I get out of seeing rain and the smell of fresh rain i think or should i say I hope I have managed to convey this feeling across in the video so to finish up where does the creativity come from is it a sound a note a chord played a certain way the mood we are in who knows I think Elton John once said you can write 60 songs but only a few will be great tracks that is so true I think in the case of Glen Miller he found the sound he was searching for by accident and his music still lives on today

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    J.P. Tha Pompafillian (Friday, 12 April 2019 14:45)

    Written by a true artist. This is amazing to have read because piece by piece it's bringing alive an everyday struggle for a lot of us .

    If not the rain then it is gonna be something else today that throws me off. This was great.

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    Kowalaski (Saturday, 13 April 2019 15:37)

    First of your blogs that I have read. I am supposed to be doing some. I love the couplet style. gonna steal it.

    I truly got the feel of the mood from this. Would make a good song