As I stood on the roof of my garage shoveling beautiful, white fluffy snow to the ground to prevent an imminent roof collapse I started feeling happier and happier.  My arms hurt, my back hurt, I was getting one hell of a workout.  But how incredible it was to feel useful - to physically have to take care of a property and people around you.  If the sky had not dropped so much snow I wouldn’t even have had that task; if I wasn’t lucky enough to have a garage I also wouldn’t have had that task.  


And people later said to me, “Oh, I am so glad I didn’t have to do that”, or “I’m lucky that we have someone taking care of that”.  And then that person would perhaps go to a one hour workout at the local gym.  


The workout is a replacement for something that could be achieved naturally by just humbling down and taking care of “mundane” tasks.  


I love being in touch with nature.  I love sweating and letting my body work hard.  I love experiencing the weather. 


When I was done with all the snow on the roof of the garage I looked down at the garden, sweat rolling down my face in the freezing cold.  The "ground" was so much closer than usual because of all the snow I had just thrown there.  


And I came very close to jumping off the garage instead of using the ladder.  It would have been a great end to this blog post.  


But I didn’t do it.

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    Tom Kron (Thursday, 24 January 2019 09:26)

    Next time you will do, I know and you will feel even better.

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    Pierre Rosique (Thursday, 24 January 2019 18:40)

    I love to experiment nature and weather too Elizabeth. Very interesting text my friend

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    Rick Woods (Friday, 25 January 2019 03:58)

    Hi Elizabeth awesome meaningful story and great timing for me this week my studio is in the adirondacks of ny state , and just spent 3 days digging out, Always enjoy also what you elegantly describe about taking care of things , and enjoying nature Have had many experiences with animals and scenery while out on the bike and try to reflect that like you do so well in your music and videos
    ps on the jump just check the snow first to make sure its soft because while back while shoveling the roof i slid off as i did i thought no big deal 6' of snow banks but i didn't remember it had rained then went below zero and the snow was all ice and sprained my ankle , So much for impressing my wife with my acrobatics
    hope this wasn't to long really enjoyed your post
    thanks Rick