Seashells: Background Info


This song was inspired by a quiet, beautiful beach in Normandy, France that was completely strewn with seashells.

We can feel so clear-minded, present, disciplined and proud of how we carry out our lives and still not be immune to tangling things into knots.



Often, in the hectic world in which we live the moments for reflection are stolen by, say, checking our social media, taking on one too many projects, necessary (and often enjoyable) correspondence, etc., and without these moments of reflection the tangled knots cannot be completely untangled, in my experience.



Some quiet, focused time in nature can help immensely to bring one back to one’s intuition and core.

This was my experience on this beach, observing the nature, listening to the sea and returning to truths.

Musically the song came to me in an improvisation that very closely resembles the final song - I didn’t change much nor develop much because I felt that this song called out for simplicity.





There seashells found

Buried in the sand

I'm coming down

Eager to land



Collect me

By the sea


Beach so serene

These thoughts now I face

Put through your machine

Now I retrace



Collect me

By the sea


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